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Friday, 5 July 2013

McDonald's 1-day-only Hamburgers!


ONE day only...



Check it out here!!

There are three types of gourmet hamburgers, the Gold Ring, Black Diamond, and Ruby Sparks.  Each hamburger is only coming out for one day during this month of July, but separately!

The Gold Ring, is coming out July 6th (tomorrow)!!  It's specialty is the "barbeque"-ness, where it has BBQ sauce, smoked bacon and grilled pineapple!

The Black Diamond, is coming out on July 13th!!  It's specialty is the black truffle (yum!!), grilled mushrooms & onions, and emmental cheese!!

Lastly, the Ruby Spark is coming out on July 20th!!  It is influenced by the German meat kitchen, and contains salami, spicy pepper jack cheese and avocado sauce!!

All the buns are totally different as well!

Each hamburger is ¥1000.  Pretty pricy for a hamburger at McDonald's, who have NEVER had any one-item above 10 dollars!  If you think about it though...the price is actually okay for a burger if it was at a restaurant!  Just because it's from a fast-food restaurant, don't look past this awesome one-day event!!

Thursday, 20 June 2013


Kurkku3 (or クルックスリー) is a cozy, trendy restaurant located in Omotesando Hills!  It is owned by Kurkku, a company that strives to bring and promote the organic lifestyle in Japan!

This restaurant has collaborated with fashion designers to create a stylish yet mellow atmosphere!  (Sorry for the terrible pictures...I need to learn how to take pictures in candle-lit restaurants!!)

Though their menu items are not organic, they create food that promotes healing and vitalizing of the body!


Apart from the Daily Recommends and Dessert Menu, the Main Menu is foreigner-friendly!  It even has pictures, and lets you know what healing effect each dish possesses!  The Korean Bibimbap is to Recharge the body!

Water Pork Dumplings ¥550

Spicy dumpling sauce with crunchy chilli & peanuts!

Korean Bibimbap ¥1320

Lots of rice underneath.

Chicken Salad ¥1320

The balance was a little off because 2/3 of the salad was chicken, but the taste was yummy!  The sauce on the side is a spicy gochujang-based cream dressing.

 At the entrance of the restaurant, they have a bar where you can get take-outs or order healthy gelatos!  Can you spot the celery flavour??

*Notice how the pineapple flavour is most popular...go pineapples!!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Yōshoku Miyashita

Yōshoku Miyashita is a restaurant located in Omotesando Hills!  Yōshoku means Japanese-style Western cuisine, and here they serve exactly that!

English Menu also available upon request!

Organic Salad ¥800

This was probably the most colourful salad I've ever come across in Tokyo!  You can really taste the freshness and distinct flavour of each vegetable!  They even had couscous and lentils, which are pretty rare to find in a salad (in Tokyo).

Avocado Salad ¥750

These avocados with the dressing were of perfect texture!  Usually comes with tomatos, but they took them out upon request!  Never knew Avocado Salads were so simple though...even with the tomatoes, it's a very elementary salad.

White Asparagus & Cream Cheese¥800

Fattest white asparaguses ever...BEST sour cream.

Macaroni Gratin ¥1300

My favourite part: crunchy cheese crust on top!

Chicken Doria¥1800

In Yōshoku, frying rice with ketchup is very popular ("chicken rice)!  This Chicken Doria was a bit too flavourful with the sauce on top of the saucy-rice!

Slow Cooked Beef Hayashi Rice Macaroni ¥1700

Came with a cute side of crunchy pickled veggies!

Pork Ginger Sauté  ¥2500

Juicy & tender...yum yum!

Side of Bread ¥100

You may think it's weird that out of all the dishes above, I am only enthusiastically commenting on the bread, but this bread was seriously SO yum!  I don't think it was freshly baked, but they did heat it up when served!

Friday, 31 May 2013

Shin Yokohama Rāmen Museum

Took a trip to the Rāmen Museum, located in Yokohama!!!  This is a MUST GO place for all rāmen lovers, and for those who want to try authentic Japanese rāmen!  One-day admission price is only ¥300 per person (adult) and ¥100 for Children & Seniors.  You can also a 3-month pass for ¥500 or a 1-year pass for ¥800!!!

LOVED the design of the museum entrance...rāmen bowls lined up to greet you!!  The museum opened in 1994, March 3rd...almost 20 years!

Parking available!!  First 30 minutes is free if you show your admission ticket.

The official name of the museum is Shinyokohama Raumen Museum.  In the old days, 'u' would be used instead of a 'ー' in Romaji!

Swirly designs everywhere!  These swirls are supposed to represent the なると(naruto)'s on rāmen! They are the pink and white swirly fish cakes that are usually on top of noodles in Japan.

The museum has two floors.  This is the floor below the ground floor - it is designed to be old-age Japan!

Everything is designed exactly how they were in the old days.  There's even this police man (an actor) who walks around who keeps the city safe!!  He was super friendly and such a funny guy.

Japanese candy shops!!  Bought this 水あめ (mizu ame - water candy) for only ¥50.  Nostalgic flavour!

Here are the NINE famous rāmen shops from across Japan!  These rāmen branches from Kyūshu to Hokkaidō were specifically chosen to represent the distinctly different and authentic flavours across Japan.

Could not get all pictures due to the lines, but the nine rāmen shops are Toride, Ikemen, Kamome, SumireGanja, Shinasoba-ya, Genkotsu-ya, Ryushanhai, and Komurasaki.  The shops do change from time to time, and they previously had Ide Shoten, Keyaki, Hachiyaand Fukuchan.

Japanese Arcade


Time to TRY THE NOODLES!!!  But wait - there are rules!  The most disappointing rule was that each person must order at lease one bowl of RAMEN to enter the shop.  It cannot be a small side dish, drink, or rice-dishes.  Which means that if you are traveling in a group and not everyone wants noodles at the same shop, you can't go in together and have to split up.

You will first need to purchase your rāmen from one of these vending machines.  Then there is usually a line, especially for the popular shops, and a shop staff will check your order tickets to confirm each person is ordering at least one bowl of rāmen.  We waited for about 20 minutes during lunch time.

Each shop is pretty small - fits no more than 20 people.

Mini-rāmen, ¥550

Mini Miso Rāmen, ¥550

Mini Chāshū Rāmen, ¥750

Mini Tonkotsu Rāmen ¥550

Ganja's soup is famous because instead of the usual pork-based broth, they use fish!!

Komurasaki is famous for their spices, using a pork bone based broth (tonkotsu) and a ton of garlic!!  Their chāshū was exceptionally delicious!

Though all the sizes above are called 'mini', the bowls are still pretty big.  It's a pity that one person's stomach can only fit around two mini rāmens!!  They should reduce the serving size & price so that visitors can try a wider variety in one visit!

On the ground floor, there is a souvenir shop!

Description of the museum's own special rāmen!

Rāmen history!

Types of regional rāmen from all over Japan!

The best part of the souvenir shop was that you get to CREATE YOUR OWN RAMEN!!!

There are five steps to creating your own rāmen, including choosing your own soup base, style of noodle, and toppings!

They are all pre-packaged (gourmet instant noodle style)!

Then here's the green room where you can dress up (yes - they have costumes!) and snap a shot for the cover of your rāmen package!

Final product will look like this!!  Makes such a funny + yummy gift!!